New Year’s Lukashenka

Tomorrow at 11:50 pm state-run TV channels will be broadcasting a New Year speech of the ‘irreplaceable’ head of state. Lukashenka has amassed a wealth of experience to the job; we did not dare to comment on their words – they speak for themselves.

2003: Only hard and creative job will improve our life standards. A planned increase in salaries, pensions, scholarships can only be earned.

2006: During the presidential elections we had to massive pressure at home and abroad. But this attempt to swing the state ended in a complete failure. The wise people of Belarus made their voice heard.

2008: Frankly speaking, the past year was the hardest in the history of our young state: we came through tough political and economic pressure, imposing of sanctions, a spillage of lies and deceptive information.

2009: This year has strengthened our confidence in our being on the right track. How interesting history is, I think sometimes. Those who were yesterday preaching at us speak about the Belarusian development model with respect now. And today, when the ‘infection in the world’s economy has turned into the deepest crisis, it turns out that we have been doing the right thing all these years’

2010: Dear friends, our life is a number of meeting and partings.

2011: Each might have already measured [the outcomes of] the year: it was difficult for one and successful for another. Now it does not matter what it was; it is important that it was. This year is our history of victories and failures, achievements and disappointments. What is done cannot be undone.

2012: In the Year of Economy we must learn taking care of each other. We should not ignore someone else’s trouble – let’s become kinder and treat our fellowmen better. The oncoming year is sure to become a turning point for our economy. We have no choice: a quality renovation process and a rapid modernization of our enterprizes is a guarantee of improving our statehood and the people’s growth in prosperity.

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