Special forces’ brutality in Ukraine (shocking footage)

Some videos proving the facts of policemen’ acts of outrage have leaked to the Internet.

The video below shows a mop-up operation started by Berkut, a special unit of Ukrainian police, after an attempt to take the building of the Presidential Administration: they were beating anyone who got in their way.

{movie}Berkut members’ brutality in Kyiv.|right|13573{/movie}

Having taking people to the point of their alleged redisposition, riot policemen were kicking and batoning disarmed persons lying on the ground, another video reveals. Some of the detained were handcuffed and posed no threat.

Not only Berkut members are to blame; ‘grass-roots’ policemen were also involved. At 0:19 a policemen kicking a man being on his back is clearly seen:

{movie}Berkut’s beating handcuffed people.|right|13574{/movie}

Policemen came running up to a cameraman of Euronews and started beating him:

{movie}Ewronews cameraman attacked by Ukrainian riot police.|right|13575{/movie}

www.belsat.eu/en via www.zn.ua

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