Euroamnesty: black list shortened

The EU has been delisted 13 persons, including former judge Volha Komar, who achieved notoriety after sentencing political prisoner Vasil Parfiankou to 4 years of imprisonment, and Nadzeya Revutskaya, a judge who used to try Young Front activists and penalize New Life church members.

The following Belarusian citizens have also been excluded from the sanctions list:

Aiaksandr Dranitsa (military prosecutor)

Anatol Dudkin (traffic prosecutor)

Mikalai Kulik (former prosecutor)

Mikalai Kupryianau (former deputy prosecutor general)

Uladzimir Kurlovich (former chairman of Minsk region election commission)

Leanid Luchyna (former chairman of Hrodna region election commission)

Mikalai Miatselitsa (former chairman of Mahiliou region election commission)

Uladzimir Mikhasiou (former chairman of Homel region election commission)

Uladzimir Rusakevich (former Information Minister)

Yauhen Smirnou (former deputy president of the Supreme Economic court)

In addition, the bloc has lifted sanctions from the companies owned by Uladzimir Peftsieu (Delovaya Set, Investment and Innovation System, Sen-Ko, BT Invest, Tekhnosoyuzpribor). At that, the tycoon remains on the list as ‘a key financial sponsor of Lukashenka’s regime’.

On October 29, 2013 the European Union extended sanctions against Belarus for another year. The updated list of officials and companies subject to the restrictive measures now contains 232 persons and 25 entities. At the same time, two names has been added: Aliaksandr Kakunin (warden at Babruysk penal colony No 2) and Yury Trutko, his deputy. Political prisoner Ales Bialiatski, a human rights defender and Vice President of FIDH, is serving his term in the colony.

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