Pazniak: Lukashenka destroys Belarusian nation’s childhood

Being a guest of Belsat TV’s program Two vs Two the Chairman of the Christian Conservative Party of the Belarusian People’s Front (CCP-BPF) has made an attempt to explain why the Belarusian nation has found itself in such a sorry state.

“Imagine, your child was born who started growing wild: after finishing four classes such kid went to the street and finally turned into a lowlife taking drugs and not knowing the ABC. But he has already reached the age of 20, it is high time he started a family and got involved in any activity. And his parents get down to handling it. Will you be able to make a man of him? Maybe we stand a chance,” Zianon Pazniak shared his thoughts with the audience.

According to Mr Pazniak, the Belarusian nation may be compared to this person of unripe mind. “After [Belarus] became independent, after it attained this independence the country should have come through this process, should have leved through these 20 years so that a new generation could grow up. Lukashenka put an end to it; being unable to kill this ’embryo’ he destroyed its childhood. But the nation still exists, and now try to bring over the people who have been cradled under the regime,” the politician said.


Zianon Pazniak is a Belarusian politician, one of the founders of the Belarusian People’s Front and leader of the Christian Conservative Party of the BPF. Having left Belarus in 1996 under apprehension of his life he has been living in emigration since that time.

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