Siarhei Kavalenka to face trial again

He was detained for alleged jay-walking in the evening of March 25, 2013. After spending a night in a pre-trial centre the activist was taken to Pershamayski district court in Vitsebsk.

It has been still unknown what charge has been served to Mr Kavalenka. According to unofficial information, he is accused of petty crime.

Siarhei Kavalenka managed to inform his wife Alena of the arrest telephonically. Then the oppositionist was convoyed to Pershamayski district Directorate of Interior.

For the last five days there has been a suspisious car near their house, Alena Kavalenka recollects. ”This car and Siarhei’s detention might well be the links of one anf the same chain,” she said.


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