Pole follows Breivik’s footsteps

The Polish security service arrested a suspect of preparation of a terroristic act against the country’s authorities.

He had an intention to install bombs in cars. According to the investigatory version, the man was about to take a pattern by Norwegian Anders Breivik and the American terrorists who murdered more than 168 persons in Oklahoma.

State budget dispute

He was detained on November 9, 2012. It is reported that he does not belong to any political party or movement. The suspect stood every opportunity of producing explosive devices: working at the Agrarian University he had full access to chemicals. The alleged criminal intended to commit a terroristic act in the course of the parliamentary sittings devoted to disputing over the state budget.

The investigators do not rule out that the explosion could have occurred during the celebration of the Independence Day on November 11, 2012 but the version has not been furnished with any proofs yet.

Test blasts

In the course of search Polish law enforcement officers found explosive devices (cyclonite, penthrite, trinitrotoluene, gunpowder) and the items necessary for constructing a bomb. Moreover, about 10 weapons and armament and bullet-proof clothing were dragged to light.

The Polish security service states that the suspect has been watched since 2011. According to the Prosecutor’s Office in Cracow, being eager to prepare better for the terroristic act he committed test explosions in open areas of Polish regions. For these purposes the alleged criminal put to use 250 kg of explosives; 4 tons being aimed at the planned terroristic act.

The suspect poll is expanding

According to the Prosecutor’s Office the man declared that he had been moved by nationalism, xenophobia and hatred to the authorities. At that, he was not acting willfully, but under supervision of others. He had four accomplices, the investigators said.

Belsat, materials of tvn24.pl and tvp.pl


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