National Bank Head: “Nobody promised you $500 wage”

“Nobody promises $500 wage. The task to provide an opportunity to earn such wage was set by the president to the government and directors of enterprises. Nobody promises to raise it for a song,” Nadzeya Yermakova, Head of the Belarusian National Bank, stated in a telephone hotline arranged by Zviazda newspaper editors office.

Answering a Minsk resident’s question, the top official stressed again that “wage must be earned”. What is more, Nadzeya Yermakova made an attempt to soothe Belarusians pointing out that there would be no devaluation of the Belarusian ruble.

“Last year we devaluated the ruble sharply. Now there is no background for taking such a step again. The rate of inflation for the eight-month period amounts to 14.6%. In general, the inflation rate not exceeding 22% is predicted. That is why there is no need for another devaluation. The inflation rate of 13% is expected to be in 2012,” Yermakova said.

It is notable that, according to president Aliaksandr Lukashenka, the average salary has risen almost to Br4 million. “This is a little more than $470. By the end of the year we will reach the target of $500,” he said at the meeting with the members of the Government and the National Bank.


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