From borshch to potatoes: CEC Head keeps food subject

The current period of digging potatoes will affect participating in early voting, Lidziya Yarmoshyna noted.

“In 2004 the parliamentary elections and the referendum were running concurrently giving a jump start to voters’ turnout. Not all the potatoes must have been lifted yet what may also provide an inducement to cast a vote in advance,” she said.

According to CEC Head, on the first day of early voting there must not be a line. “People are slow but I believe pensioners to go to voting stations, they like early voting,”

In fact, it is the students forced to vote in advance who have caused queues on the very first day of early voting process.

Lidzia Yarmoshyna is notorious for her rude remarks. After the post-election protest action she harshly criticised Belarusian women: ”You’d better stay at home and cook borshch! Is there nothing better for you but to hang around the squares? This would never come to my mind. It is a shame for a woman to take part in such actions.”

Yesterday Zmena activists were to remind passers-by of Yarmoshyna’s words by giving away borshch but picketing ended without being started. Nobody managed to taste the borshch cooked, performance organisers and journalists finding themselves in a police bus.


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