Supreme Court

Belarus Justice Ministry wants to liquidate bird protection society
The lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court
Lawyer Harry Pahanyaila complains to Supreme Court about referendum
Lukashenka signed the decree as acting president, and Pahanyaila notes that the election procedure has not been completed
Belarusian Supreme Court liquidates movement 'For Freedom'
The movement has existed for 15 years
Supreme Court liquidates Belarusian Language Society
BLS existed for 32 years
Supreme Court rules to close down World Association of Belarusians
On September 24, the Supreme Court of Belarus ruled to liquidate the World Association of Belarusians aka Batskaushchyna (Fatherland), human rights defenders report. It is the Justice Ministry that was seeking the liquidation of the organisation.
Court of Appeal upholds sentence of Pavel Sevyarynets
The politician will spend another five and a half years behind bars
Supreme Court liquidates Belarusian Association of Journalists
On August 27, the Supreme Court of Belarus ruled to liquidate the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ). The independent media organisation which unites more than 1,300 media workers has been working since 1995.
Authorities seeking to liquidate 'Batskaushchyna' union
Member of “Batskaushchyna” learned about it from a letter received from the Supreme Court
Justice Ministry pushes for termination of For Freedom movement’s work
The Belarusian Ministry of Justice appealed to the Supreme Court with a request to suspend the activity of the movement For Freedom.
Shutau's murder witness to serve 10 years in jail after appeal court leaves his verdict unchanged
Shutau’s daughter is preparing to appeal to the International Court of Justice.
99.7% of verdicts handed down by Belarusian courts in 2020 were ‘guilty’
The Supreme Court of Belarus has published the statistical data on delivering judgements in criminal cases in the year of 2020.
Lukashenka eager to change Constitution of Belarus
Lukashenka announced amendments to the Constitution of Belarus at the beginning of 2019
Hardly believable: Death sentence mitigated in Belarus
On June 30, the Supreme Court of Belarus has upheld the appeal of Viktar Skrundzik, a resident of Slutsk district. The criminal case will be sent to Minsk Regional Court for reviewing, human rights centre Viasna reports.