Authorities seeking to liquidate 'Batskaushchyna' union

After responding to the appeal of the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court brought a case for liquidation of the international public association of Belarusians of the World “Batskaushchyna” (Fatherland), the website of the public organization reports.

The “Batskaushchyna” received this information from the letter of the Supreme Court, in which representatives of the association were invited to a conversation in preparation for the trial.

It turns out that the Ministry of Justice ruled that from July 15, 2021, the governing and auditing bodies of the “Batskaushchyna” have been illegitimate. The reason is the postponement of the VIII Congress of Belarusians of the World to the next year because of restrictions imposed by the pandemic coronavirus. The community stresses that the decision to postpone the congress was made after consultations with the Ministry of Justice. It was representatives of the ministry who confirmed that the leadership of the public organization had all the authority to make such a decision.

Earlier, during the unscheduled inspection of Batskaushchyna, which was started by the Ministry of Justice in the first decade of July, the organization received two warnings.

On 14 July, the office of the association was searched and sealed by the Investigative Committee. It is still unknown what exactly was confiscated in the office. On 20 August, the organization received a reply from the Investigative Committee, which said that a case was brought against “Batskaushchyna” “with indicia of a crime under part 3 of article 361 of the Criminal Code.”

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