restriction of liberty

Two more criminal cases filed against activist Alena Hnauk who remains under arrest
She was supposed to leave the TDF but never did
Mahiliou: Political prisoner Dzmitry Dudoyts commits suicide
Another Belarusian student punished for protesting
Before the trial he was kept in pre-trial detention
Political prisoner Lipen flees Belarus
He is now in a safe house at a Lithuanian border outpost
Orphan Illya Yahorau awaiting transfer to settlement
Two criminal cases were initiated against the 20-year-old at once, and he was later sentenced to 2.5 years of “chemistry”.
Political prisoner Ihar Bantser transferred to open-type correctional facility
The political prisoner was taken to the open-type correctional facility No. 9 in Vitsebsk
Minsker sentenced to two years of restriction of liberty for dancing with white-red-white flag near Eternal Flame
On October 25, Partyzanski district court of Minsk passed a guilty verdict in the case of a 28-year-old local resident. A video of her dancing with a white-red- white flag in front of the Eternal Flame commemorating the Soviet victims of the Second World War went viral on the Belarusian segment of the Internet.
Woman gets three years of restriction of liberty for insultive comment about riot police on web
On October 7, Frunzenski district court of Minsk passed a guilty verdict in the case of Svyatlana Baranouskaya who was accused of insulting female officers belonging to the notorious riot police OMON.
Penal colony instead of correctional facility: Ihar Bantser’s punishment might be upgraded
The administration of Vitsebsk-based open-type correctional facility Nr 9, where political prisoner Ihar Bantser is being kept, is seeking to place him in a penal colony. Bantser is accused of repeatedly violating the rules of serving his sentence.
Cancer-stricken pensioner convicted in Rechytsa
The woman was punished with freedom restriction at home
Jailed musician Ihar Bantser needs medical aid after hungerstriking, spending 40 days in punishment cell
According to our own information, Ihar Bantser, a punk rock musician and activist from Hrodna, has been released from a punitive unit after spending a total of 40 days in complete isolation. The man had no right to receive food parcels there.
Man sentenced for insulting traffic cop who put knee on detainee's neck
On September 9th Zhlobin District Court pronounced the verdict in the criminal case of Artyom Barashka for insulting a public official
Brest pensioner facing freedom restriction for insulting Lukashenka
The verdict will be pronounced on September 3