potash fertilizers

Belaruskali takes loans to pay salaries and suspends mining operations
The reason is the EU and U.S. sanctions
Ukraine stops transit of Belarusian potash fertilizers
Transit will stop indefinitely
Belarusian potash not directed via Russia after Lithuanian transit stopped
On February 1, 2022, Lithuania stopped the transit of Belaruskali products through its territory.
Lithuanian Railways rejects applications of Belarusian companies for transportation of Belaruskali fertilizers
They decided not to take any action until the government commission had made a decision.
Lithuanian railroad receives three requests from Belarusian companies for transit of potash fertilizers
But these contracts will first be checked by a special government commission
Yara set to stop buying potash from Lukashenka-controlled Belaruskali by April
The Norwegian company Yara International announced the discontinuation of purchasing potash fertilisers from Belarus by 1 April 2022. Yara is a principal partner of the Belarusian state-owned company Belaruskali.
Sanctions more tangible in a few months, Tsikhanouskaya's advisor claims
“That doesn’t mean sanctions don’t work and won’t work.”
Lithuanian Railways set to return Belaruskali advance payment for fertilizer transportation
The amount could be about 10 million euros
Yara reviews cooperation with Belaruskali
The decision will be made by December
New sanctions amid migrant crisis: Lithuania set to put transit of Belarus fertilizers to complete halt
Lithuania may completely stop the transit of Belarusian potash fertilizers, Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis told journalists in the wake of Wednesday’s meeting of the Cabinet. The EU member country has already addressed Brussels with a proposal to expand sanctions against Belarus, Delfi reports.
Sanctions imposed on Belarusian fertilizers will be gradual, Lithuanian Foreign Minister says
Restrictions should also affect Russia
NZ firm finds alternative to Belarusian potash amid tensions
Canada will replace Belarus
Lukashenka wants to deprive Baltic countries of revenues from transit of goods
Lukashenka is directing cargo traffic to the Russian port of Ust-Luga