Schedule for protests against ‘parasite tax’ in March

More than ten protests against the “parasite tax” will be held in Belarus in March.

On 25 March, Saturday, there is a nationwide demonstration and the so-called “People’s Assembly” planned, which, according to Mikalai Statkevich, will decide “what to do to recover the stolen right to a normal life”. But before that, a number of protests will happen all over the country.

The protests in the cities of Belarus

March 5th

Brest – 12:00, Lenina street. You can watch live feed on our website.

March 10th

Maladzechna – 18:00, Central square

March 11th

Pinsk – 12:00, Lenina square.

March 12th

Babruisk – 12:00, Peramohi square; Vorsha – 13:00, Central squate; Rahachou – 16:00

March 15th

Hrodna, Mahiliou; Minsk – 17:30, Academy of Sciences

March 25th

Homiel, Vitsebsk and Minsk – celebration of the Freedom Day

In Homiel the “Non-parasite Marsh II” will begin at 12:00 on the Paustanne square.

March is the protest month

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