Poland’s President sends letter of congratulations to Belsat TV

Giving awards at the festival in Toruń, phot. by Milosz Dobrzyński, Belsat TV

Andrzej Duda’s letter of congratulations to our channel has been read out at the festival ‘The Art of Fact’ in Toruń.

In the run-up to the 10th anniversary of the first independent Belarusian television, Belsat received a special award of the festival.

“Strange it may appear (even for me), but our channel is turning ten years. We have withstood under harsh conditions, and what is the most important, we keep growing, the channel is popular with viewers,” Belsat TV director Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy said when receiving the award.

The Polish leader congratulated Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy and Belsat TV team on the anniversary  and expressed confidence that the channel would continue to make progress. According to him, Belsat is a ‘showcase of Poland’s openness and solidarity’.

“As creators, heirs and followers of the ethos of ‘Solidarity’, we Poles understand perfectly well what powerful force lies in the truth and the power of the free speech.

With great appreciation, I think of your media advances which rest equally on your journalistic professionalism, civic engagement and the friendliness towards the neighboring nation that had shared our historical lot for centuries. Wherever Belsat TV is available, its viewers feel that they are the real targeted, that their lives and issues really matter to Belsat news editors. Reliable and unfettered information builds prestige and increases the popularity of the TV station which is a great showcase of Polish openness and solidarity.

I would like to extend cordial congratulations on the occasion of your major achievement, i.e. winning the trust of such a great number of spectators. The best part of Belarusian society watch Belsat TV with satellite dishes and on the Internet. The TV station is also a source of information and inspirational model for other nations living east of the Polish border. You also confirm your credibility by your readiness to pay a high personal price for your truth, courage and defending human rights.

I hope – and I wish you this from the bottom of my heart – that the channel will continue to make progress and contribute to the Belarusian-Polish dialogue, mutual understanding and faith in our common values. I enclose my gratitude to all Belsat TV creators for your ten-year work, for your important mission and wish you yet more big gains in the future. Please accept our warm greetings.”

The slogan of this year’s festival is ‘Portraits Of Poles – Look In The Mirror’. It is the fifth time that ‘The Art of Fact’ has been held in Toruń and Belsat TV contributors participated in it.

“I am sure that documentaries and reportages are kings of present-day television,” Belsat TV head added.

Phot. by Milosz Dobrzyński, Belsat TV

In 2016, Belsat TV documentary ‘Paintbrushes Instead Of Guns’ by Anton Tsyalezhnikau got the first award of the festival.


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