Daughter refutes reports about Uzbekistan’s president death


Uzbekistan’s president Islam Karimov is alive; his health is continuing to improve, his younger daughter Lola karimova-Tillyaeva said on Facebook.

“I wish a happy Independence Day to all people of Uzbekistan! May God bless our country with peaceful life and prosperity! May our centuries-old values of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among the representatives of different faiths and ethnicities always remain strong,” the woman said.

The leader’s daughter also used the opportunity and thanked people for ‘kind words of support and best wishes for the speedy recovery of president’.

“It means the world to us, and I am sure that your heartfelt good wishes are helping in his recovery. Thank you very much!” Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva added.

The 78-year-old Islam Karimov was hospitalized on Saturday morning due to a brain hemorrhage. His daughter asked the press not to spread rumours about his health condition.


Later, however, he news about the death of the president of Uzbekistan came from the respected Fergana News Agency. According to the information portal, Karimov died on August 29.

Karimov has been one and still the only president of Uzbekistan since March 1990. In March 2015 he was elected once again. In the election, he received more than 90% of the vote.


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