Belarusian fighter for Russia, al-Assad to be buried in Homiel

10 October 2017, phot. Iryna Arakhouskaya

Alexei Yaroshevich‘s friends are preparing for the funeral in the Belarusian city of Homiel. Most of them are members of pro-Putin motorcycle club ‘The Night Wolves’.

The exact date is still unknown.

10 October 2017. Phot. Iryna Arakouskaya

The base of ‘Wolves’ is located on the outskirts of Homiel. This is a private protected area; a large hangar is seen. At the entrance, there are many cars with Russian number plates and Belarusian ID cards. Security guards were sore about the presence of of journalists and even threatened to break the camera.

On October 4, The Night Wolves said on their VKontakte page that Alexei Yaroshevich, a member of their Homiel-based club, died on 19 September. The Belarusian mewspaper Nasha Niva reported that Yaroshevich had been probably killed in Syria. Later, the information about his death was confirmed.

Yaroshevich might have also been involved in the conflict in Ukraine’s Donbas. His name was mentioned in the investigation of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta published on July 2, 2014. The article revealed the story of the Russians, who received medals and commendations from Putin after coming back from Crimea. Yaroshevich appeared with nember 160 on the classified list of the awarded.

Alexei Yaroshevich is not the first Belarusian who was killed in Syria. In June 2016, Vladimir Bekish, a lieutenant colonel of the Russian Federation the Army and reconnaissance company commander, was buried in Hrodna.

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