Hungary refuses to extradite volunteer to Belarus
Ulasik was detained in Hungary in November 2021
Japanese eager to fight for Ukraine
But not all of them are eligible
Minsk activist Yuliya Syamenchanka gets 14 days in jail, confinement conditions are appalling
In the course of Monday’s court hearing, Yuliya Syamenchanka, an activist of the Belarusian public association Zvyano, managed to reveal the details of her detention that took place on December 3, Tatsyana Hatsura-Yavorskaya, the director of the NGO and a human rights activist, said on Facebook.
Homiel human rights activist Maryia Tarasenka flees Belarus. She is facing 2.5 years in jail
Maryia Tarasenka, a Homiel-based volunteer of the human rights centre Viasna, has left Belarus. She is now standing safe and secure.
Jailed activist Illya Mironau allegedly suspected of financing ‘extremist activities’
Illya Mironau’s mother Valyantsina has published a reply that Savetski district police department of Homel gave to Illya’s request for information about the reasons for the search of his place.
Belarusian volunteer receives award in Ukraine
Dzmitry saved the life of his comrade in arms
Polesian Shrine
Many secrets attract researchers and volunteers to Yuravichy. Historians are still looking for an answer to the question why one of the richest and most influential Catholic orders came there. Archaeologist Aleh Iou links the appearance of the Jesuits in Yuravichy in the 17th century to the events from a thousand years ago.
Minsk: Political prisoner Lyavon Khalatran gets two-year term of restriction of liberty
On Friday, Lyavon Khalatran, a volunteer at imprisoned politician Viktar Babaryka’s campaign office and director of Ruin Bar OK16, has been sentenced to 2 years of restriction of liberty in an open-type correction facility, our correspondent reports.
Human rights activist Rabkova facing new charges
Including membership in a criminal organization
Protest month in photos
A month has passed since post-election protests broke out in the country.
Documentary filmmakers dead after head-on collision
The victims were documentalists who filmed the work of volunteers in hospitals.
EPAM, Wargaming present 700K masks to Belarusian medics
On Monday, representatives of EPAM and Wargaming companies have handed over 700,000 high-level protection masks to the Belarusian Health Ministry.
#ByCovid19: Volunteers launch website to support Belarusian doctors
The volunteer campaign #ByCovid19 has launched a website to help Belarusian medics who are in the forefront of combatting COVID-19 in the country.