Vital Shklyara

Political prisoner Vitaly Shklyarau reportedly departs for USA
Political technologist Vitaly Shklyarau who was arrested in the summer of 2020 has left Belarus; presumably, he is returning to the United States. Vitaly has an American diplomatic passport, reports.
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EU and US call for negotiations with the CC
Political prisoner Shklyarau released from KGB pre-trial detention facility
This is the sixth political prisoner to have his preventive measure changed.
Political prisoner Liliya Ulasava released from KGB pre-trial detention facility
Ulasava was put on house arrest.
Charge brought against spin doctor whom Lukashenka suspects of ‘destabilising’
Vitaly Shklyarau is charged under Article 342-1 of the Criminal Code (organisation and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order), reports with reference to lawyer Anton Hashynski. The defendant may face up to three years of imprisonment.
Lukashenka talks about hybrid war against Belarus
Lukashenka fears enemies from all sides.