Top 5 post-Soviet autocrats’ bizarre approaches to COVID-19
With coronavirus reaching every corner of the world, restrictive measures have been placed for containing the virus and preventing higher death rates. However, some autocrats take advantage of the pandemic to tighten the screws on a population and strengthen their power. Others suggested alternative medicine as a cure, publicly rejecting the threat of the novel coronavirus or its aftermaths for the economy and health of a country. 
Сonflicts in Central Asia: Who is to blame / ENG video
In Central Asia, ethnic violence erupts regularly. Why do such clashes occur? What can they lead to? 
China and post-Soviet states: Growing influence / ENG video
Slowly but surely, China is building economic, political, and even military ties with the countries that Russia calls its “near abroad”, but Beijing will not be asking for the Kremlin’s permission to expand.
Men banned from dyeing gray hair in Turkmenistan
In state institutions and enterprises in the Lebap province of Turkmenistan, male workers over 40 years of age have been banned from dyeing their hair black, radio Azatlyk reports.