Stalinist repressions

'Night of executed poets' in Kyiv and Bialystok in photos
This year the action took place in at least 38 cities around the world
Night of Executed Poets to be held in dozens of cities across continents
Better than under Rákosi, worse than under Jaruzelski: What can repressions in Belarus be compared to?
Since the summer of 2020, the most massive repressions in the recent history of Belarus have taken place. compares the scale of terror of 2020-2021 with the repressive campaigns of some dictatorial regimes in Europe in the 20th century.
The Repressed Architecture
One can learn about different epochs – pre-revolutionary, Soviet, and even up-to-date – just looking at Stanislau Shabuneuski’s buildings.
The Yellow Flowers
Hanna Sosna (née Shyshla) is 70 years old. She lives in Vilnius, and has a happy life, a house and a daughter. But Hanna has a dream she was afraid of speaking out loud about until recently. She would like to visit the place where she was born very much.
The Church On A Cross
The fate of each character of Belsat TV documentary The Church on the Cross may provide a plotline worthy of a Hollywood movie.