War in Ukraine: Day 9
Russian troops attacked the Zaporizhzhia NPP
Payment bank cards of Belarus and Russia disabled in Ukraine
Earlier, the authorities blocked the accounts of citizens of Belarus and Russia in Ukrainian banks
Why Ukraine fights alone and how West is helping it
Overview of assistance the international community is capable of giving Ukraine.
Service age men forbidden to leave LNR
8-55 year old men are not allowed to leave the territory
Biden calls Putin amid tensions in Ukraine
The Kremlin has not reported this call
Putin not satisfied with West's response to Russia's demands
Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the U.S. and NATO response to Moscow’s requested security guarantees
US Department of State orders departure of Kyiv embassy employees' families
Taking into account numerous reports about a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Department of State has ordered the departure of all family members of US government employees at the US embassy in Kyiv.
UK exposes Kremlin's plan to install pro-Russian leader in Ukraine
The last time it happened, the leader fled to Russia during the Revolution of Dignity.
Ukraine points to threat of chemical pollution in Donbas due to Russia
Kyiv believes that Russia can use the environmental disaster as a pretext for new aggression against Ukraine.
U.S. Representative to OSCE comments on Russian aggression towards Ukraine
“We have to be prepared for all options,” he said.
Rostov court confirms presence of Russian military in Donbas. Kremlin denies
The defendant disclosed details of the shipments in his testimony
Kremlin is preparing invasion of Ukraine, intelligence agencies claim
The Kremlin is planning an attack that should be far more extensive than any action by Russian troops against Ukraine since 2014
Russian security agency detains Ukrainian consul in St. Petersburg
Ukrainian consul Oleksandr Sosonyuk was detained in St. Petersburg during his meeting with a Russian citizen, RIA Novosti reports with reference Russia’s Federal security Service (FSB).