Polish-Belarusian border

Polish border guards report shots fired from Belarusian side
Twelve people have tried to cross the Polish-Belarusian border illegally
Kuznica border crossing point to stay closed over increased migrant flow risk
Polish border guards fear that Kuznica may become a traditional route for illegal migration
Belarusian law enforcers destroy border fence and give tear gas to migrants, Polish side claims
Polish border guards claim that Belarusian law enforcers issued tear gas to migrants.
Poland’s MoD: Belarusian soldier attempted to shoot flare gun at Polish border guards
A controversial incident took place at the border due to the Belarusian side’s staging another provocation, Poland’s Defence Ministry reported on Friday morning.
Warsaw files protest note over three armed men’s intrusion into Poland’s territory from Belarusian side
On the night of November 2, the Polish military noticed three unindentified persons carrying long guns and wearing uniforms on the Polish side of the EU-Belarus border, Stanisław Żaryn, spokesperson for the Polish special services, said on Twitter on Wednesday.
Polish Parliament approves construction of wall on border with Belarus
The height of the fence will be 5.5 meters
Gas explosion on Polish-Belarusian border leaves person injured
The accident was caused by a discharge from a sewage well
Poland: Border patrol fired at from Belarusian side
No one was killed or injured during the incident.
Poland: Belarus services fit out illegal migrants with camo uniforms, provocations are feasible
Belarusians started to provide irregular migrants with camouflage uniforms; the provocations are looming, the Polish side warns.
Polish Ministry of Defense: Hesco Bastion fortifications to be built on border with Belarus
These are special fortifications to help border guards
Poland sends 900 military to step up efforts to protect Belarusian-Polish border
The Polish armed forces are going to assist the country’s border guard service; more than 900 servicemen have been sent to the Belarusian-Polish border, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Thursday.