Poland: Border patrol fired at from Belarusian side

On October 8, a patrol of Polish servicemen was fired at from the Belarusian side of the border; blanks were probably used, radio station RFM24 reports with reference to Anna Michałska, spokeswoman for the Polish Border Guard.

No one was killed or injured during the incident.

“It is not ruled out that they were intentionally missing the targets when firing. There are more and more such provocations,” Michałska said.

A day earlier, Lithuanian border guards also reported shots from the Belarusian side.

On October 8, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Belarusian chargé d’affaires Alyaksandr Chasnouski ‘due to the situation at the border between Poland and Belarus and the aggressive activities of the Republic of Belarus against the Republic of Poland ’. He was received by the Director of the Eastern Department at the MFA. No further details about the meeting have been provided by the moment.

The State Border Committee of Belarus denies the information about any shooting on Belarus-EU borders and claims that weapons have not been used in the vicinity of the Lithuanian or Polish sections of the state border over the recent days.

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