Investigative Committee

Escaped Polish soldier found hanged in Minsk
Investigators do not rule out a violent death
Case of Eduard Palchys sent to court
The Investigative Committee claims that Palchys’s “criminal activity” began as early as 2016
Pro-Lukashenka police accuse political prisoner Marfa Rabkova of running criminal anarchist organisation
The Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case under Parts 1 and 2 of Article 285 of the Criminal Code over ‘establishiing an international criminal anarchist organisation which consists of a number of extremist groups banned in Belarus’, the notorious GUBAZiK/GUBOPiK (Main Department for Combatting Organised Crime and Corruption) reports on its official Telegram channel.
Google blocks account, YouTube channel of pro-Lukashenka Investigative Committee due to sanctions
The official Google account and YouTube channel of the Belarusian Investigative Committee have been blocked on the back of Western countries’ introducing sanctions against a number of individuals and organisations linked to the Lukashenka regime.
Telegram channel administrator to face trial as head of extremist formation
The young man faces up to seven years in prison
New criminal case opened against Belarusian opposition leaders Tsikhanouskaya, Latushka
The Investigative Committee of Belarus has initiated another criminal case against Belarusian opposition leaders Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya and Pavel Latushka; they are charged with ‘unwarranted appropriation of the title or power of an official’ (Article 382 of the Criminal Code).
Over 130 detainees become suspects in so called Zeltsar case over commenting tragedy on web
136 people have been taken into custody over online duscussing the tragic deaths of Minsk IT specialist Andrei Zeltsar and KGB officer Dzmitry Fedasyuk.
Bodies found on Belarusian border with Poland
The bodies were found on the section of the Belarusian-Polish border
Imprisoned media expert Andrey Alyaksandrau’s detention extended for two months
The Belarusian authorities have extended the detention of political prisoner Andrey Alyaksandrau for the coming two months, until November 12, reports with reference to his friends.
To Go and Not Come back… Summary...
Who could imagine how the Belarusian authorities would react to people who were dissatisfied with the regime? Today everyone who does not agree with Lukashenka’s policy is put behind bars. The representatives of law enforcement were given permission to brutally handle people. There are already missing persons. In the first three parts of the documentary, we tried to familiarize the viewers with the victims, now we want to show the results of the investigations. Who will be responsible for the killings, how were investigations and court hearings conducted?
Police detain people who allegedly helped Belarusians escape to Lithuania
BT says those who helped Belarusians escape repression are to blame for the migration crisis
Belarus authorities suspect arrested BelaPAN reps of tax evasion
In the period from June 2018 to January 2021, employees of news agency BelaPAN submitted false information to the tax office, which led to non-payment of taxes totalling to over 100,000 rubles, the Belarusian Investigative Committee reports.