2019.11.07 11:09

Hefty fines: Russian authorities give no peace to ‘foreign agent’ Memorial

2019.10.18 10:59 Video

Anarchist Zmitser Paliyenka attempts suicide in court room

2019.09.20 11:50

High-profile case: Russian actor Pavel Ustinov released on own recognisance

2019.09.17 06:05

Actor beaten up by Russian National Guard sentenced to 3.5 years

2019.07.02 05:53

LDNR supporter from Salihorsk sentenced to five years

2019.05.16 06:06

Mehrdad Jamshidian released from prison but must leave Belarus

2019.03.22 13:13

Russia sentences Ukrainian Pavlo Hryb to 6 years in prison

2019.02.28 15:13

Donbas-linked case: Infamous Russian propagandist’s nephew gets jail term in Germany

2019.02.27 11:44

High treason: FSB colonel, Kaspersky Lab employee sentenced to long-term imprisonment

2018.08.21 12:56 Photos

Crime and punishment? Belarus-born Kremlin call girl in Thai paddy wagon

2018.07.13 12:13

‘Reporters Without Borders’ stood in defense of Zmitser Halko

2018.07.13 11:37

Belarusian opposition activist tried for non-existent event

2018.06.05 05:13

‘Legalize Belarus’ activist tried for faked picket

2018.05.15 08:34

Japanese man soon to be released from Belarusian prison

2018.05.12 10:10

Ex-activist of Belarusian Youth Union gets 6 years in prison for fraud