Lithuania lifts border emergency state as migrant flow stops
The state of emergency ended at midnight on January 15
Kuznica border crossing point to stay closed over increased migrant flow risk
Polish border guards fear that Kuznica may become a traditional route for illegal migration
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Migrants attack Polish guards on two sections of border with Belarus
On December 8, migrants made about 80 attempts to break through the Belarusian-Polish border from the territory of Belarus, Poland’s Border Guard Service reports on Twitter.
Poland’s police: Belarus servicemen try to blind Polish border guards with strobe lights, lasers
On December 2, irregular migrants made another attempt to illegally cross the Belarusian-Polish border, Poland’s police said on Twitter on Friday.
Polish MoD: Belarus security forces assisted migrants in crossing border again
Belarusians, namely special ops unit (spetsnaz), help a group of migrants force the Belarus-Poland border on the night of November 18 with the help of the Polish Ministry of Defence reported on Twitter on Thursday morning.
Polish border guards record two attempts of illegal mass border crossing by migrants
Polish security forces detained 22 people
‘We’ll remain vigilant’: NATO condemns Belarus regime’s hybrid actions against Poland, Lithuania, Latvia
On November 12, the North Atlantic Council delivered a statement on the situation at the Poland-Belarus border.
Polish MoD: UK engineering forces to arrive at Poland-Belarus border
British engineering troops will provide their assistance to Poles in fortifying the fence on the Polish- Belarusian border, Poland’s Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said on Twitter on Friday afternoon.
Ukraine strengthens its defense on border with Belarus
Ukrainian border guards prepare for possible provocations
Polish side reports presence of up to 4K migrants at Belarus-Poland border
About 800 migrants remain near the border crossing in Kuznica, and people continue to be dragged to the border, Katarzyna Zdanowicz, a spokeswoman for Podlasie Border Guard Detachment, said on November 9.
'These schemes have been working since 2010': Former senior officer about delivering migrants to Belarus
Lukashenka’s border services point weapons at Polish soldiers on the Belarusian-Polish border, shoot into the air, simulate throwing grenades and try to destroy border fences. Such statements were made during the press conference of Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defence of Poland. In addition, they are trying to push real terrorists into the territory of the European Union. Should we expect armed provocations on the border between Belarus and the European Union and how will Western countries act in such a situation?