Belarusian language

First Belarusian language school opens in Lviv
This is an initiative of the Belarusian Crisis Center in Lviv
Three Belarusian-speaking professors forced to quit jobs at Mahiliou university
A political purge is underway at Mahiliou State University: Belarusian-speaking teachers are being fired from the university named after the People’s Poet of the BSSR, the newspaper Nasha Niva reports.
Large-scale educational project of professional Belarusian language starts
You can even get a certificate.
Diplomats of Western countries and Japan congratulate Belarusians on International Mother Language Day
They chose their favorite Belarusian words
National Bank offers commercial banks to make Belarusian sites
National Bank offers commercial banks to make Belarusian sites
Mova Fest: Belarusian language festival takes place in Minsk (photo report)
Last weekend Minsk hosted Mova Fest, an event encouraging Belarusians to speak their native language.
‘Longing for change’: Duet performs Shallow in Belarusian
Musicians Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich and Hanna Sharkunova have recorded a Belarusian-language cover of Shallow, the lead single from the soundtrack of the musical A Star Is Born.
German linguist’s rewarding experience in Belarus volunteer camp
Ben studies Sociolinguistics in Germany. He might be only 23 years old, but he speaks 8 languages, including Polish, Lithuanian and Belarusian. This summer Ben has arrived in Belarus to take part in restoring an old school in Minsk region. What for? See the latest episode of Welcome To Belarus!