Andrey Stryzhak

Salihorsk activist Pavel Batuyeu flees Belarus
Cuban man previously deported from Belarus is now in Lithuania
The man spent more than a year in jail
Belarusian activists take abroad family of man who died after being detained by police
Dzmitry Uskhopau’s relatives have been evacuated from Belarus, Andrey Stryzhak, a co-founder of the BySol Foundation, says on Facebook.
Zeltsar’s widow Maryia Uspenskaya taken to mental health centre for psychiatric examination
Maryia Uspenskaya, the widow of the man involved in the widely reported shootout in Minsk, was taken to the so-called Navinki from the pre-trial detention centre, human rights defender Andrey Stryzhak said on Telegram with reference to his own source.
Investigative Committee opens criminal cases against BY_help and BYSOL founders
They were put on the wanted list
$ 15K raised: Belarusians donating to help anti-integration protesters
Over the past three days, the initiative BY_Help has raised $ 15,000 to pay fines that the Belarusian authorities imposed on the participants in December’s protests against deepening integration with Russia, activist Andrey Stryzhak says on Facebook.