$ 15K raised: Belarusians donating to help anti-integration protesters

Over the past three days, the initiative BY_Help has raised more than $ 15,000 to pay off the fines that the Belarusian authorities imposed on the participants in December’s protests against deepening integration with Russia, activist Andrey Stryzhak says on Facebook.

The Belarusian courts slapped fines on about 60 persons. The total sum of the penalties amounted to 55,000 Belarusian rubles (appr. $27,000).

BY_Help requisites:

– paypal: alaksiej.lavoncyk@tol.org

– Bitcoin: 199tmZtZ7N3SuEodVqE8Y5D411vwnnevb8

– Ethereum: 0x50e1182085756F4f8f25F016a3273649FFEccE2d

– one can transfer money to accounts in Belarus, Poland and Czechia, or donate any sum in cash (for mor details, contact the organisers)


– private message to BY_Help on Facebook

– e-mail: alaksiej.lavoncyk@tol.org;

– phone: +375 44 5100511

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2020.01.08 07:33