Revolution Online

dir. Syarhei Marchyk, 2014

What way can one win an information war with the authorities? How do Belarusian and Ukrainian independent journalists work? What is at the root of Ukraine’s protest? In their report ‘Revolution Online’ Syarhei Pelesa and Syarhei Marchyk made an attempt to find the answers.

Since mass media appeared, the authoritarian leaders have been trying to manipulate public opinion.

With the development of new technology, mass media and civic engagement it has become more difficult to fool people, which is proved by the events in Ukraine. Microcameras, smartphones, tablets and wireless give everyone the possibility of covering the development on Euromaidan: exclusive photos and footage, text information become viral on the spot.

Yuras Wysocki, Ales Barazenka (Belsat TV), founders of Spilnobachennia, an half-professional online television which have been covering protests since the very beginning, Mustafa Nayyem (Hromadske TV) appeared in the report.


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