To Go and Not Come back… Episode 3

Director: "Belsat" Year: 2020

The documentary “To Go and Not Come back… Episode 3” tells about people who perished during the protests in Belarus.

In his childhood, Roman Bandarenka was interested in almost everything: he swam, played table tennis and football, danced breakdance and painted.

He started drawing before he learned to speak. And that was the main thing that followed him throughout his life. Too short a life.

After graduating from the College of Architecture and Construction, he also graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. At the age of 24, he was drafted into the army, where he served in a special unit. His father and both grandfathers had served in the army. So there was no other option. Whatever the boy did, he was hardworking and scrupulous.

After completing his military service, he started working in the “Cleanliness Island” shop. He started out as a loader and went on to become a director. His dream was to create graphics for computer games. Certainly, this dream would have come true, if only in the evening of November the 11th Roman had not gone out to the estate yard and met people with bags and scissors who came to cut symbolic ribbons…

Today everyone says that Roman simply could not have provoke a conflict, because he always tried to resolve all matters peacefully. The boy is gone, he was killed. Apparently he was drunk. Once again the victim of the protest was slandered.

Documentary, 2020, Belarus