Second World War

Ostarbeiter Women
The protagonists of the film are “Ostarbeiter women”, women deported from occupied Belarus to Germany to perform forced labor during World War II. There were over 200,000 of them, and only a few hundred are still alive today. The protagonists of the film are between 83 and 99 years old and most of them have never shared their personal stories in public.
Belarus Prosecutor General’s Office set to be after ‘still living Nazi criminals’ in Poland, Lithuania
Belarusian investigators got information about hundreds of previously unknown places of slaughtering the country’s population during the Second World War, Prosecutor General Andrey Shved told TV station Belarus 1.
World War II veterans in photo project
Prosecutor General's Office opens criminal case over 'genocide of the Belarusian population' during the war
Andrei Shved opened a criminal case for the genocide of the population of Belarus
Ukrainian Insurgent Army: Heroes or evil-doers?
In October 1942 in German-occupied Lviv, the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), supporters of Stepan Bandera, decided to set up combat units to fight the Germans as well as Soviet and Polish partisans. Their goal was to await Germany’s defeat, then launch a rebellion and proclaim Ukrainian independence.
Even abroad: Russia introduces penal sanctions for destroyng WWII monuments
From now on, one may face more severe punishment – up to five years in prison – for destroying military burial sites and the Second World War memory spaces, including monuments outside Russia.
Stalin Line hosts WW2 battle reenactment
76th anniversary reenactment of the battle for Rahachou and Zhlobin took place at the Stalin Line.
The Repressed Architecture
One can learn about different epochs – pre-revolutionary, Soviet, and even up-to-date – just looking at Stanislau Shabuneuski’s buildings.
Yakut family flies to Belarus to visit 'Stalin Line'
The Androsovs family flies to Belarus from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) — the largest constituent territory of the Russian Federation — to see the Stalin Line.