Vladimir Putin

2019.06.25 13:36

Lukashenka invites Putin to European Games closing ceremony

2019.06.20 14:23

Putin about Russia-Belarus union state: Unification not on agenda

2019.06.14 12:35

‘Passport tours’: Russia starts granting citizenship to Donbas residents

2019.06.06 10:41

FM denies reports about Putin’s wish to head Union State of Belarus and Russia

2019.06.06 05:47

Putin’s rating suddenly jumps to 72% after recount

2019.05.27 14:31

Putin’s popularity declining – survey

2019.05.24 13:00

‘Hitler next?‘ BBC viewers trash idea of Tonight With Putin show

2019.05.16 15:40

Belarus journo attacked by Russian propagandist tubes fears for life

2019.04.30 09:13 Video

Putin: Russians, Ukrainians may have ‘common citizenship’

2019.04.23 07:59

Oil issues? Lukashenka, Putin discuss ‘bilateral relations’

2019.04.14 17:17

Putin ushers in new era of professional army with no conscription

2019.04.08 11:18

Russian journalist: Putin tasks envoy Babich with taming Lukashenka

2019.03.21 11:16

Putin may play Belarus-Russia uniting card to stay in power – Bloomberg

2019.03.19 14:49

Does Kremlin keep promises? 5 years ago Putin signed ‘Crimean’ law

2019.03.15 13:56

Belarus willing to buy oil pipeline from Putin’s crony in Ukraine