Vladimir Putin

2019.09.16 11:50

Belarus set between independence and integration

2019.09.13 12:56 Video

4K Belarusians involved: Union Shield military drills kick off in Russia

2019.09.05 12:53

Putin confirms large-scale prisoner exchange with Ukraine

2019.09.02 13:42

15K Donbas-based Ukrainian citizens get Russian passports – media

2019.08.30 13:43

Putin has Lukashenka’s birthday wrong?

2019.08.07 15:08

Russians prefer Soviet regime to leaders they have now, survey finds

2019.08.02 14:07

Lukashenka expands visa-free zones in western Belarus

2019.07.10 06:31

Russian State Duma calls for sanctions against Georgia but Putin disagrees

2019.07.08 13:52

Minsk ready to host world leaders’ summit on Ukraine

2019.07.05 15:22

Lukashenka sends condolences to Putin over Irkutsk tragedy. No word about Minsk

2019.07.05 09:04

Putin: Not only Russia must honour Minsk Agreements

2019.07.02 06:02

Anti-Putin slogans appear on Minsk bridges

2019.06.25 13:36

Lukashenka invites Putin to European Games closing ceremony

2019.06.20 14:23

Putin about Russia-Belarus union state: Unification not on agenda

2019.06.14 12:35

‘Passport tours’: Russia starts granting citizenship to Donbas residents