Vladimir Putin

2020.01.27 11:56

Israeli girl jailed in Russia asks Vladimir Putin for pardon

2020.01.21 03:30

Putin sends draft law on constitutional amendments to State Duma

2020.01.16 09:13

Putin nominates taxation service head for post of Prime Minister

2020.01.15 14:55 Breaking

Russian govt resigns, Medvedev to get position in Security Council

2020.01.08 07:33 Opinions

Lukashenka supports independence while its protectors are tried in bulk

2020.01.08 07:02 Opinions

Minsk and Kyiv in exchange for Tehran. Is such ‘deal’ possible for Trump and Putin?

2020.01.06 16:50

With or without you. Russian professor about Lukashenka’s integration dilemma

2019.12.28 11:49 Updated

Polish Foreign Ministry summons Russian Ambassador over Putin’s remarks

2019.12.25 13:02

Russia, Belarus opt out of discussing supranational bodies issue – Lukashenka

2019.12.23 07:54

20 years in power: Who is Mr Putin? (ENG video)

2019.12.23 05:23

Polish Foreign Ministry critical of Putin’s remarks

2019.12.19 15:30

Putin: No subsidizing Belarus without further establishing Union State

2019.12.19 12:55

Opposition calls for protest against integration with Russia on December 20

2019.12.19 10:43

Lukashenka, Putin to continue integration talks on Friday

2019.12.13 14:32

Further Belarus-Russia talks on ‘sore points’ not ruled out – Lukashenka