Vitold Ashurak

Investigators and cyber partisans name people responsible for Vitold Ashurak's death
Death may have been caused by medication or exhaustion
Brother of Vitold Ashurak leaves Belarus over threat of criminal proceedings
“They will prosecute everyone who was there, and those who were witnesses have become suspects.”
Criminal case opened against people who chanted ‘Shame’ during sentencing Vitold Ashurak
Hrodna region prosecutor’s office has initiated a criminal case under Part 2 of Art. 339 of the Criminal Code (‘hooliganism committed by a group of persons’), according to Telegram channel Detentions and Trials in Lida.
Vitold Ashurak's relatives collect his personal belongings, except for diary
Among the items there was no diary, which Vitold repeatedly wrote about and sometimes quoted in his letters.
Estonian president eager to help Belarus
Estonia is “doing the best it can”
At least 15: Deaths linked to post-election protests in Belarus
There are at least 15 names on this sad list.
Last tribute to political prisoner Vitold Ashurak. He died behind bars under unclear circumstances
Imprisoned Belarusian activist Vitold Ashurak, who died in the penal colony under questionable circumstances, was buried on May, 26 in his native town of Byarozauka. Those who were attending the funeral could see serious injuries on Vitold’s head, neck, and hands.
Investigative Committee publishes shocking video of Vitоld Ashurak's death
The Investigative Committee issued a press release about the death of political prisoner Vitold Ashurak in Shklou colony.
'Wait'. Body of political prisoner Vitold Ashurak not given to family yet. He died in penal colony last week
According to the family, they have not been informed yet when the body of the deceased will be given back to them.
Political prisoner Vitold Ashurak dies in Shklou penal colony at age of 50
Vitold Ashurak, an activist from Byarozauka, Hrodna regional coordinator of the movement For Freedom, member of the BPF Party Seim, passed away in the penal colony in Shklou. The cause of death was cardiac arrest, Nasha Niva reports.
Five years in jail: well-known activist Vitold Ashurak sentenced in Lida
He also has to pay 1,000 rubles of compensation to the policeman.