Vadzim Yermashuk

Hrodna blogger Vadimati sentenced to 3 years in prison
On December 21, Shchuchyn district court completed hearing the case of Hrodna-based blogger Vadzim ‘Vadimati’ Yermashuk who has been behind bars for over four months.
Another administrative case filed against jailed Hrodna blogger Vadimati
Blogger Vadzim Yermashuk aka Vadimati is reported to stand trial over an administrative case for the fourth time.
Now it’s official: Charges brought against Hrodna vlogger Vadimati
Hrodna-based vlogger Vadzim Yermashuk (Vadimati) is involved in two criminal cases.
Blogger Vadimati in custody
He faces up to four years in prison
Two criminal cases brought against Hrodna blogger Vadimati
The blogger has not yet been charged.
Several criminal cases may be launched against Hrodna blogger Vadimati who is now under arrest
On September 14, a Telegram channel close to Belarusian law enforcement agencies reported that a criminal case was opened against blogger Vadzim Yermashuk, reports.
Hrodna vlogger Vadimati sentenced to 25 days in jail gets another term
Hrodna-based vlogger Vadzim Yermashuk aka Vadimati has been sentenced to another 15 days. He is currently serving a 25-day term.
Hrodna blogger Vadimati gets 25 days in jail, his sister interrogated as witness in criminal case
On August 19, Hrodna-based blogger Vadzim Yermashuk aka Vadimati was sentenced to 25 days in jail today for allegedly calling for taking part in an unofficial sports event at a skate playground in the town of Shchuchyn.