torture in Belarus

Hrodna: Experienced doctor sentenced to 4 years in penal colony for ‘insulting’ comments on web
Leninski district court of Hrodna passed a guilty verdict in the case of Alyaksandr Tsyaleha, a neurologist from the Belarusian town of Barysau.
Political prisoner Zmitser Furmanau to be held in punishment cell for one more week
Zmitser Furmanau, who has been behind bars for over a year, is reported to be punished with another week in solitary confinement. He has already spent 26 days there.
Bullied and sentenced to jail for 'political' scarf
Yahor Tsyhvintsau was detained along with his wife on March 25. They were walking along Pritytski Street when a police van stopped and unknown people ran out to detain them