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Minsk activist Volha Harbunova goes on hunger strike in Akrestsin detention centre
The reputed Belarusian activist Volha Harbunova has been hungerstriking since her being detained on November 9, Reform.by reports citing Volha’s friends.
Human rights activist Stefanovich and 'Nasha Niva' staff withheld parcels
Stefanovich was put in a cell with four more people.
Detainees kept in Belarusian temporary detention facilities tortured
The detention conditions of detainees in TDFs have significantly worsened.
Minsker detained for paper sheet in white-red colours had heart attack in detention centre
On January 31, Minsk resident Alyaksandr Maibarada was detained by officers of Leninski District Department of Internal Affairs.
Blogger Volha Takarchuk fined and left in jail
On January 27th, Volha Takarchuk was tried under Article 23.34 for letting balloons out of her own window. Volha’s husband Dzmitry went to the detention center to pick her up, but she didn’t come out.
Sad record in Brest: Elderly resident detained tenth time over past four months
On December 20, 63-year old Alena Hnauk was detained. This is the tenth time she has come into the hands of the Brest authorities.
Man dies of COVID-19 after serving 10-day term for ‘participating in unauthorised event’
Syarhei Shchatsinka, a 57-year-old resident of the town of Asipovichy (mahiliou region), has died after two-week battling the disease. The man must have contracted the novel coronavirus in the remand prison, TUT.BY reports with reference to the family.
Over 100 political prisoners in Belarus
The number of political prisoners in Belarus has reached 102: another nine persons have been added to the list.
‘Participating in unauthorised mass event’: Trials of journos detained during students’ protests
On September 4, Kastrychnitski district court of Minsk sentenced six non-state media workers to three days in jail.
Innocent musical instrument craftsman tortured by police
They beat him as much as they could, drove a pin under his fingernail, twisted his fingers, and then threw him into the corridor so as not to stain the sofa with blood.
Blogger Tsikhanouski sentenced to another 15 days of arrest
Blogger Tsikhanouski sentenced to another 15 days of arrest
Blogger Siarhey Piatrukhin in Brest temporary detention facility
Now the blogger and the activist are in the temporary detention center of Leninski district of Brest. This was reported by Brest human rights activist Uladzimir Vialichkin.