Tatsyana Sevyarynets

Raid on home of political prisoner Pavel Sevyarynets’ parents: Flags, books, umbrella seized
On Thursday, the police raided the flat of Tatsyana and Kanstantsin Sevyarynets in Vitsebsk. Three security officers and some witnesses took part in the search.
Court rejects complaints of Vitsebsk women detained during Nordic walking
Women were detained for Nordic walking in the woods near Vitebsk
Mahiliou: Opposition politician, European Belarus activists, bloggers tried in camera
On May 12, Mahiliou regional court started hearing the cases of the European Belarus civil campaign activists (Yauhen Afnahel, Pavel Yukhnevich, Maksim Vinyarski, Andrey Voynich), blogger Zmitser Kazlou, web activist Iryna Shchasnaya, opposition politician Pavel Sevyarynets.
Women detained with walking poles sue police
Now they also have to pay.
Nordic walking or ‘unauthorised event’? Vitsebsk police detain six elderly women in forest
On Wednesday morning, the Vitsebsk police detained six pensioners, including the political prisoner’s mother Tatsyana Sevyarynets.
Vitsebsk activist fined for ‘holding mass gathering’ on her own balcony
A Vitsebsk court imposed a fine of 675 rubles on activist Tatsyana Sevyarynets for participating in an ‘unauthorised mass event’. However, it is known that the woman was staying at home at that moment.