State Duma

2019.11.05 14:04

Made in Russia: Lawmakers pushing for domestic software on devices

2019.10.30 13:44

Up to 7 years: Russian MPs may criminalize ‘drugs propaganda’ on web

2019.09.25 10:31

Kremlin announces ‘tough response’ to US non-issue of visas to Russian diplomats

2019.07.19 09:55

Russian MPs mull over ban on former FSB officers’ travelling abroad

2019.07.09 13:59

Russian MP claims she saw ‘Ukrainian bombs’ in Donbas from space

2019.07.09 08:47

Russian MPs calling for anti-Georgian sanctions

2019.04.16 09:38 Updated

State Duma adopts law on autonomy of Russian Internet

2019.03.07 13:37

Russian parliament introduces punishments for fake news and ‘disrespect for authorities’

2019.03.07 10:37

Russia is land of opportunity for Belarusian elite, Russian MP says

2019.01.25 13:10

State Duma adopts bill on showing ‘disrespect’ for authorities on web

2018.12.26 13:11

State Duma deputies: ‘Russian World’ may save Belarus

2018.12.19 13:40

Russia: No exchange rates info on street boards anymore

2018.04.05 00:04

State Duma allows Russians to collect brushwood

2017.12.06 13:33 Video

Russian MP wants Belarus to show solidarity by refusal to participate in Olympics-2018

2017.07.10 13:10

Russia-Belarus: Roaming charges may be scrapped in 2018