State Duma

Putin’s relative set to found party, run for MP
Roman Putin, a son of the Russian leader’s cousin, is going to establish a political party on the basis of the movement ‘Men Of Action’ founded in February, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reports.
Not tsar, but all-time leader? Putin evades question about future
It is premature to talk about his future work, Russian President Vladimir Putin said when asked where he fancies himself in the year of 2024. “We will see,” he replied vaguely.
Constitutional Court of Russia declares resetting of Putin's presidential terms legal
The Russian Constitutional Court has concluded that the amendments to the Constitution, including those that reset Vladimir Putin’s previous presidential terms, are legitimate.
Russian State Duma amends Criminal Code
The violator can also be fined 1 million rubles.
No language test for Belarusians: MPs ease access to Russian citizenship
The Russian State Duma has passed a law easing the process of obtaining Russian citizenship by, among others, Belarusian nationals, news agency Interfax reports.
Putin wants new Constitution to have marriage as union of man and woman and mention God
The second reading is scheduled for March 10.
Russian State Duma comments on introduction of single currency
First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Viktor Vodolatskiy told RIA Novosti that the introduction of single currency of the Union State of Belarus and Russia should not be expected before 2030.
Yulia gets Dagestan
Журналістка і мама чатырох дзяцей з Масквы едзе на Каўказ у мусульманскі Дагестан, кідае выклік мясцовым уладам і традыцыям.