Belarusian diasporas support compatriots and react to events at home
We have collected photos and messages from diasporas sent to our editorial office
‘We'll never stop supporting you’: Poland’s leader Andrzej Duda addresses Belarusians (ENG video)
Delivering a speech on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the August Accords, Polish President Andrzej Duda has addressed the Belarusians who are now fighting for ‘freedom and basic human rights’. Part of the speech is in the Belarusian language.
Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya urged to show solidarity with courageous Belarusian women
She has declared July 16 as the Day of Solidarity with the Belarusian women and has called to show solidarity with them.
Flowers instead of bars: Women’s Day wishes for Belarusian protesters
On March 8, International Women’s Day, unindifferent citizens show their solidarity with Belarusian women both in the home country and abroad.
International Day of Solidarity with Belarus held in Warsaw
The International Day of Solidarity with Belarus has been held globally.
EU diplomats meet with relatives of political prisoners in Minsk
February 7 is the International Day of Solidarity with Belarus.
St. Petersburg: Belarusians picketing embassy warned against showing white-red-white flags
Starting December 26, picketers will be banned from showing symbols in ‘protest’ white-red-white colours when gathering at Belarus’ embassy in St. Petersburg, MBKh Media reports, citing Artur Hruntou, a representative of the local association of Belarusians.
Solidary Białystok
Białystok is an important place among the solidary cities. Firstly, because of its close proximity and strong economic ties with Belarus, secondly, because it has a large Belarusian national minority, and thirdly, because it has a growing Belarusian diaspora. Hence, in Białystok, numerous actions of solidarity with the persecuted Belarusians in their homeland have been taking place. In my documentary, I want to show the diversity and spectacularism of these actions.
‘May the walls collapse’. Polish Solidarity voices support for Belarusians ahead of election
The people of Belarus are not and cannot remain alone in their fight, the activists of Poland’s legendary movement ‘Solidarity’ declared in their address to ‘Belarusian friends’ in the wake of pre-election repression in the neighbouring country.
Over 200 people form living chain in Vilnius to support changes in Belarus
People have formed a living chain on Gediminas Avenue.
Rally in support of Belarusian people held near European Parliament
On July 1, people gathered in the centre of Brussels to express solidarity with Belarusians and protest against the persecution of politicians and civil society activists in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.