solidarity with political prisoner

Belarusian diasporas support compatriots and react to events at home
We have collected photos and messages from diasporas sent to our editorial office
Students who shaved heads in solidarity with political prisoners put on authorities’ bad books
On March 11, four students who shaved their heads to show support for political prisoners were summoned to the prosecutor’s office.
Solidary Białystok
Białystok is an important place among the solidary cities. Firstly, because of its close proximity and strong economic ties with Belarus, secondly, because it has a large Belarusian national minority, and thirdly, because it has a growing Belarusian diaspora. Hence, in Białystok, numerous actions of solidarity with the persecuted Belarusians in their homeland have been taking place. In my documentary, I want to show the diversity and spectacularism of these actions.