solidarity chain

Sunday protests in Belarus
Day 176 of protests
Women's March held in Minsk before People's Ultimatum
Detentions began almost immediately
Russian politician remembers confession from Lukashenka's administration staff
Leonid Gozman told how the Belarusian authorities admitted the murders
‘Kurapaty-Akrestsin prison: Never again’. Repentance Chain in Minsk (photo report)
On August 21, about 10,000 residents of the Belarusian capital formed the 13-kilometre Repentance Chain.
Minsk: Solidarity chain in Victory Square (photos)
Protests against vote rigging and police brutality have been underway for 12 successive days in Belarus.
Interior Minister says protesters are paid for riots
The guys are supposedly paid 30 rubles.
Protest in Hrodna: Eight people detained, two later released
An action of solidarity with the detained and arrested Belarusians was held in Hrodna on Friday, June 26.
Interior minister faults Telegram, Radio Free Europe for 'coordinating protests' in Belarus
The recent protest rallies were ‘well-orchestrated’, Interior Minister Yury Karayeu said when addressing Belarusian deputies on Thursday.