solidarity actions

Belarusians stage rallies of solidarity with convicts in ‘Tsikhanouski case’ (photos)
On Tuesday evening, Belarusians living abroad organised a number of solidarity actions on the back of the authorities’ delivering guilty verdicts in the so-called Tsikhanouski case.
Homiel: Women dressed in white-red stage ‘solidarity readings' on train to show support for senior detainees in Minsk
On September 14, women wearing clothes in white and red colours read books by Belarusian and foreign authors (e.g. George Orwell) when travelling on a train in Homiel region, our readers report.
Girl who started picketing IMF in Washington: Belarusians abroad have no right to give up
The IMF decision to allocate almost a billion dollars to Belarus, although Lukashenka continues to hold power in the country, has caused a wave of outrage in society. But the impetus for the new protest was given by one girl. Maryia Zabara started with a single picket and launched a whole stream of protests. We talked to Maryia about the picket near the IMF and the reaction of Belarusians in America.
Berlin supports Belarusian political prisoners
On Saturday, two independent actions in support of political prisoners in Belarus were held in Berlin.
'Freedom to Losik' : protests in Belarus on January 24
Belsat is following the events
Anarchist movement activist Dzyadok charged
Activist pleads not guilty
'Step down', 'Stop violence'. Biggest-ever protest rally in Minsk
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Rally in support of Belarusian people held near European Parliament
On July 1, people gathered in the centre of Brussels to express solidarity with Belarusians and protest against the persecution of politicians and civil society activists in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.
Interior minister faults Telegram, Radio Free Europe for 'coordinating protests' in Belarus
The recent protest rallies were ‘well-orchestrated’, Interior Minister Yury Karayeu said when addressing Belarusian deputies on Thursday.