Siarhey Satsuk

Arrested journalist Syarhei Satsuk declared political prisoner
According to the latest information, 31 journalists and media workers are now behind bars in Belarus. To put that in context, there are more imprisoned journalists in China (50 persons), but China’s population is 155 times as that of Belarus.
10.12.2021 editor-in-chief Syarhei Satsuk arrested, placed in a pre-trial detention centre
Journalist Syarhei Satsuk, editor-in-chief of the online business daily Ezhednevnik (, was arrested on Wednesday. In the wake of that, the website has become unavailable.
Friends of the family. New connections in robbing the healthcare budget
Who and how makes money off public overpayments for fake Belarusian medicines?
Minsk: Search of news outlet office
Two employees of the Financial Investigations Department conducted a search in the office of the Belarusian media outlet Ezhednevnik (, Barys Haretski, Spokesman for the Belarusian Association of Journalists, said on Thursday.