secret services Looting in Kazakhstan organized by authorities
“The special services of Russia and Kazakhstan were planning to implement a hybrid scenario”
At least 12 citizens. What is known about Belarusians from Wagner PMC recalls what is known about the Belarusian Wagnerovites and how they were treated by Lukashenka’s intelligence service.
Kremlin is preparing invasion of Ukraine, intelligence agencies claim
The Kremlin is planning an attack that should be far more extensive than any action by Russian troops against Ukraine since 2014
How come that arms business stood at the origins of telecommunication provider “beCloud”?
About 10 years ago Belarus authorities introduced a big telecommunication operator “Belarus Cloud Technologies”.The company partially belongs to anonymous offshore companies. All other mobile operators and other state enterprises have to pay these middle companies. Journalists for the “Davaite razbiratsia” program conducted their own investigation of the scheme
'These schemes have been working since 2010': Former senior officer about delivering migrants to Belarus
Lukashenka’s border services point weapons at Polish soldiers on the Belarusian-Polish border, shoot into the air, simulate throwing grenades and try to destroy border fences. Such statements were made during the press conference of Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defence of Poland. In addition, they are trying to push real terrorists into the territory of the European Union. Should we expect armed provocations on the border between Belarus and the European Union and how will Western countries act in such a situation?
Poland’s special service arrests man suspected of spying for Belarusian KGB
Officers of the Internal Security Agency (ABW) detained a Pole who is suspected of spying for Belarusian intelligence, Łukasz Lapczynski, the spokesman for the National Prosecutor’s Office of Poland, said on Wednesday.
Belarusians protest in Georgia against agreement between special services of two countries
The Belarusians are supported by Georgian opposition politicians, who say that cooperation with Lukashenka’s KGB is a disgrace for Georgia.
Pratasevich spied upon by ‘intel professionals carrying Russian passports’ in Greece
Russian passport-holders kept a wary eye on Belarusian blogger Raman Pratasevich and his girlfriend Sofia Sapega for days in Greece before they boarded a flight to Belarus, VICE World News reports with reference to Greek officials.
Why do Putin and Lukashenka need a fake coup attempt?
Lukashenka claims to have prevented an attempt at an armed coup prepared by the American secret services. Putin publicly repeats this thesis and threatens the collective West. Few people believe in this story. But do the leaders of Belarus and Russia believe in it? And what do Putin and Lukashenka want to hide from each other?
Belarus authorities seek extradition of Tsikhanouskaya, announce trial of her aides
The probe into the criminal case against Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s four confidants has been completed, the case has been submitted to court, the Belarusian Investigative Committee (IC) reports.
Fake letter from Belarusian human rights defenders sent to EU officials
“Viasna” considers it a provocation by the special services.
Two political prisoners released in wake of Lukashenka’s visit to KGB prison
On October 11, Yury Vaskrasenski, a member of the initiative group for collecting signatures for Viktar Babaryka, and PandaDoc director Dzmitry Rabtsevich were released from the KGB detention centre Amerykanka and placed under house arrest.
Lukashenka unveils secret 'Warsaw-Berlin' call
In a recording released on September 4, two unknown individuals speak in English. It is not explained who these people are.