Lukashenka signs updated Education Code. What's next?
The new Code is wrong on many levels
Belarus Education Minister comments on school year changes
Whether there will be a new format of graduation parties will become clear by the end of May.
WHO recommends Belarus take more severe measures to prevent COVID-19 spread
Belarus needs to introduce community-wide steps to increase physical distancing, the WHO experts conclude at the end of its assessment of the country’s response to the pandemic.
‘Infections are over’. Lukashenka demands Belarusian children go back to schools
Starting next week, Belarusian pupils should stop staying away from schools, President Alyaksandr Lukashenka said during Friday’s working trip to Lida district.
No official quarantine planned for Belarus
The ministry responded to “panic sentiment.”
No plans for quarantine in Belarusian educational establishments yet
All educational institutions in Belarus operate on a regular basis.