Saudi Arabia

Iraq, Russia, Saudi Arabia: Which countries agree to present credentials to Lukashenka
On May 13, Alyaksandr Lukashenka received letters of credence from ambassadors of Iraq, Nicaragua, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone during the ceremony at the Palace of Independence in Minsk.
First oil tanker for Belarus from Saudi Arabia arrives in Klaipeda
Belarus, oil, oil in Belarus, Saudi Arabia, tanker
Why oil will no longer be expensive (ENG video)
Oil now costs what it did back in the 1990s – $20 a barrel. High prices for hydrocarbons have allowed the Russian, Azerbaijani and Kazakh economies to grow rapidly in the last twenty years. Will they survive this period of the cheapest oil ever? How long will it last? Why is black gold no longer gold?
Russia and Saudi Arabia almost done negotiating oil production cut deal
They should cut production by 2.4 million barrels per day.
Belarusian girl stuck in Saudi Arabia with little help from diplomats
The embassy asked why she went there.
Saudi Arabia offers Belarus lots of cheap oil
“We’ve been working in this direction for a long time … We’ve met with the Saudis in London … Their prices are just excellent now”.