riot policemen

Amateur cycling race ends with unexpected arrests
More than 10 people were detained
Hrodna: Riot police raid offices of popular media outlets over ‘extremism’
On Friday morning, OMON made an unexpected visit to the editorial offices of the popular news portals and According to the local police department, the two websites posted ‘extremist’ materials .
Where Is My Flag?
In the documentary “Where Is My Flag?” a story is told about the struggle of the famous Belarusian opposition activist Nina Baginskaya against the government. Why does Mrs. Nina attend rallies? Why is she angry at the police and will the petite woman be able to resist the dozen officers who will block her way to the Red Church?
Hrodna woman punished for violence toward female police officers
She was accused of violence against women from riot police.
10th protest Sunday in row: Thousands of participants in Minsk (photos)
At a rough estimate, about 100,000 people might have taken part in Sunday’s March of Honour in Minsk.
‘Our greatgrandparents believed they defeated fascism’. 25th day of protests in Minsk
On September 2, a number of protest rallies took place in different corners of Minsk.
At least 1,140 people arbitrarily detained in Belarus during election campaign
On July 14-15, 329 people were detained in Minsk alone.
Over 30 people brutally detained in Belarus on July 15
The journalist Anton Trafimovich was beaten by law enforcement officials during his arrest.
Criminal case opened against picketer in Maladzechna
Pavel Pyaskou, a 31-year-old resident of Maladzeczna, may face up to 5 years in prison.