Rikard Jozwiak

EU may impose 5th sanctions package on Lukashenka regime in mid November, criteria to be expanded
The European Union may introduce its fifth package of sanctions against the Belarusian regime  in mid November, Rikard Jozwiak, a Brussels-based contributor to RFE/RL, reports with reference to his own source.
EU foreign ministers give ‘political green light’ for sectoral sanctions on Belarus
On June 21, EU foreign ministers said yes to imposing sectoral sanctions on Belarus, Rikard Jozwiak, a Brussels-based reporter of RFE/RL, says on Twitter.
EU okays 4th sanctions package against pro-Lukashenka officials, companies
On Monday, the foreign ministers of EU member countries approved the fourth package of personal sanctions against the Belarusian regime.
78 persons, 7 entities: EU envoys approve 4th sanctions package against Lukashenka regime
The permanent representatives of the European Union member countries have agreed on restrictive measures against Belarus in connection with the landing of the Ryanair commercial jet by the Lukashenka regime and the political crisis in the country.